It's been a minute since we scored a sub-400 ski trip on British Airways but today is the day. Seize this one!

Boston to Milan generally runs in the $600-$700 range with BA coming in higher than that. This saves 45% on what I would expect to pay during ski season.

While these flights are actually operated by Aer Lingus (BA's sister airline) there are no discount carriers involved here and Skis / Snowboards go as part of your bag allotment (1 checked bag and your carry-on are free).

If you end up needing to check more than one bag (ie. one checked bag and then your skiis + boots) that will run you another $35.00 which is still a great price if you can't get all of your gear stuffed in your carry on.

Ski + Snowboard

December in the Alps? Yep. Could be a lot worse. This one isn't on the Italy side, but it IS in December when most of these trips go down:

These trips do have a single stop (London on the way, Dublin on the way back) but there are some faster connections available. You can upgrade for another ~$15 to cut 3 hours off of your connection and avoid an airport transfer in London.

That said, all in all sub-$400 is an amazing option to make 100% sure you have an appropriate amount of european powder in your life this winter.

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