Getting into Montana is almost always pricey these days and the airports in the North West of the state are even more expensive.

Philly to Montana generally runs in the $550ish range for a decent flight on a legit airline, this saves you ~40% off that price and gets you there on Delta.

It's rare to see Montana drop below $400, and more rare to see only a single stop with a flight that cheap (out of Philly no less!). This is easily the cheapest price I have seen Philly -> Montana in the past 12 calendar months.

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Ski and Snowboard

Anyone looking to get to Big Sky can fly into Bozeman (also part of this Delta sale) for an extra $20 to shave off an hour of driving for those headed south.

For me I am headed north and I will be paying the extra $30 to fly into Glacier Park International easily one of the easiest spots to hit the PH. You guys who are already Email Supporters (as well as Pro/Am Beta testers) received those additional dates to your emails.

For those not interested in a PH road-trip, another great, down-to-earth AND much closer option is Teton Pass resort. $45 Lift Tickets day in and day out and plenty of serious terrain to make the trip worth your while (though you will have to hike to improve on the 1100ft vertical!).

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Book Your Flight

Here are some flight options for those of you who are NOT yet Supporters and did not already receive these dates (and bonus un-published options) straight to your email / phone:


  • Nob 29 - Dec 5 | 6 Day Montana Ski + Snowboard Trip

  • Dec 12 - Dec 16 | 4 Day Montana Ski + Snowboard Trip

  • Dec 13 - Dec 19 | 6 Day Montana Ski + Snowboard Trip
  • Bozeman (+$20)

  • Nov 29 - Dec 6 | 8 Day Montana Ski + Snowboard Trip
  • Glacier Park International (+$30)

  • Dec 5 - Dec 13 | 8 Day Montana Ski + Snowboard Trip
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