Sure it's August, but now is the time to set yourself up to kick off the winter right. Where better to lock in your first trip than Seattle / Mt. Baker, record holder for snowiest winter ever (any where on the planet).

Boston to Seattle is generally $350 to $400ish for Non-Stop Flights, this gets you there for 45% off the usual price on Alaska Airlines.

Alaska has been hooking it up recently, from the killer flights all the way up to Anchorage last week to this one to Seattle. In case you missed it...

Traveling more is all about jumping on the cheap flights as they drop, sometimes that means buying a ticket to go ride this December, in August.

Ski + Snowboard

By the end of December last year (when most of these trips go down) Mt. Baker already had 332 inches of total snowfall. For reference Jay Peak received less than half of that (160 inches) in the same time period and had 208 inches total for the entire 2015-2016 season.

So yeah, it's a good bet the conditions will be solid.

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Book Your Flight

Here are a few flights for those of you who aren't Pro/Am Supporters yet:

  • Dec 2 - Dec 9 | 7 Day Seattle Ski + Snowboard Trip

  • Dec 2 - Dec 6 | 4 Day Seattle Ski + Snowboard Trip

  • Dec 6 - Dec 13 | 7 Day Seattle Ski + Snowboard Trip
  • For those of you who prefer JetBlue, snoop around a little many dates have JetBlue availability for $5-$10 more.