Killer fare for those of us looking to get in on some early season Whistler action. Cheapest Philly to Vancouver deal I have seen in the last year.

Philly to Vancouver usually runs $600+, this saves you 50% off that price and gets you there on Air Canada with One Stop.

Given that PHL->YVR direct flights do not exist, a short stop over in Montreal is about as good as things can get as far as connections.

As mentioned these trips are with Air Canada which does not charge extra for Skis/Snowboards but does add a $25/$25 first/second bag fee (same as United, Delta, JetBlue, whoever).

Ski + Snowboard

Given the usual expense of the short hop to Montreal it's rare to see flights to Vancouver drop under $400 let alone under $300 from Philly. If you have Whistler on your list for this year which it absolutely should be if you already have a EPIC Pass.

Basically you booking this trip, buying an Epic Local Pass, and hitting up Whistler with your 10 Epic Local Pass ($639) days would already save you almost $1000 off the normal price you would pay for lift tickets and a flight.

From then on you ride for the rest of the 17/18 season at the other resorts (Park City, Stowe, Keystone, Heavenly etc etc etc) fully paid up and with a clear conscience.

Cheap Lift Tickets

For those who are NOT planning on buying a pass, and who don't mind a 4 hour drive, you can score 50% off passes at Sun Peaks through Liftopia for up to 8 days.

These dates match up perfectly with the flights mentioned below and mean that you can fly in AND buy your Lift Tickets cheaper than you could normally buy just your flight. Pretty solid.

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Here are a few flights for those of you who aren't Supporters yet:

  • Nov 27 - Dec 7 | 10 Day Vancouver Ski + Snowboard Trip

  • Dec 11 - Dec 17 | 6 Day Vancouver Ski + Snowboard Trip

  • Dec 15 - Dec 25 | 10 Day Vancouver Ski + Snowboard Trip

  • Jan 11 - Jan 16 | 5 Day Vancouver Ski + Snowboard Trip
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