Hard to find fares under $125 on a legit with any semblance of legroom, let alone Non-Stop to Denver while avoiding the insanity of LAX. Even with two checked bags you are way under $200 Round-Trip Non-Stop during peak ski-season out of John Wayne.

Santa Ana to Denver generally runs around $200 for a Non-Stop flight, this saves you 40% and gets you there on United

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Frontier and Spirit add a ton of fees for your checked bags (AND carry-ons) that leave them drastically more expensive than this deal on United.

More than a few of these trip options are ideal to go with just a pack and your skis / snowboard for a 4 day weekend.

Ski + Snowboard

If you live on the south side of town, this is a no-brainer. A flight time just over two hours out of SNA is going to have you de-planed and hitching a ride up to the hill before you could come close to making the drive to Mammoth (not that that's a bad option either).

It's always nice to get out of town and get some pow on that lighter fluffier side of the spectrum.

Cheap Lift Tickets

A-Basin has some options on discount that DO match up with a few of these trips. Pretty solid to snag 40% off after an already discounted flight. It pays to book ahead...

Free Flights / Dates

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Book Your Flight

As far as date options, Pro/Am Supporters (from $6/mo) already have the full list of available dates (and have been on it for quite sometime given their two hour head start).

Here's a few dates we found for you guys who aren't on that level yet:

  • Dec 3 - Dec 13 | 10 Day Colorado Ski + Snowboard Trip

  • Jan 20 - Jan 24 | 4 Day Colorado Ski + Snowboard Trip

  • Jan 13 - Jan 21 | 8 Day Colorado Ski + Snowboard Trip
  • There are some additional dates out there for those looking to dig around for some additional options in the X-Mas / New Years area. Although it would be way faster to just subscribe as a Pro/Am Supporter (from $6/mo) and get full availability right here, live and up to date.