We can all thank JetBlue and their low Surfboard fees for adding the Surf option to what is a very good Ski-Season flight deal. This deal is Non-Stop.

Boston to the L.A. Region almost always runs $350+ on a decent airline. This gets you there on JetBlue and works out to almost 50% off if you bring a Surfboard, or 35% off (if you are going to ski).

If you are thinking about Cali this winter, why not get in on our Colorado flight giveaway. No surf there, but plenty of snow, and the flights are free if you win.

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As mentioned while most airlines let you bring your Skis / Snowboard as baggage, JetBlue is one of the few to offer reasonable Surfboard bag fees ($50 each way). Compare that to Delta ($150 PER BOARD each way) or United ($150 per board bag each way) and JetBlue's $50 per board starts to create fantastic value for anyone who surfs.

If you were to fly with 3 boards on Delta you would be looking at $687 RT even if you were to some how find a Delta flight for $237 base cost. Delta 100% DOES count boards per bag.

An FYI on JetBlue Surfboard Fees

In the past on JetBlue I have not had my boards counted in my bag but their policy DOES read as $50 / board. So keep in mind that you may get charged per stick.


You are going to get a lot more L.A. region waves to yourself in January than you are in August. While the water and air temperatures do drop down to what locals consider cold, 65 degree air and water in the high 50s is no where near as cold as it will be in Boston this winter.

There is plenty of swell in the water come January and February out Cali way.

Ski + Snowboard

Mammoth had an absolutely outrageous year this past winter. While we have no way to know what this coming winter will bring, odds are 100% the January trip options below give you a shot at some seriously good conditions.

Here's a fun one from this past season:

Free Flights / Dates

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Book Your Flight

Pro/Am Supporters (from $6/mo, closed beta) get cheaper flights and more dates / availability (not to mention a head start!) but here are a few options available for everyone else:

  • Jan 16 - Jan 20 | 4 Day California Surf or Snow Trip

  • Jan 20 - Jan 25 | 5 Day California Surf or Snow Trip

  • Jan 25 - Jan 30 | 5 Day California Surf or Snow Trip

  • Jan 29 - Feb 3 | 6 Day California Surf or Snow Trip
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