With Hurricane surf on the way (or here!) it's hard not to dream about keeping the the train rolling or, even better, finding my way to someplace tropical... and super consistent.

Boston to the Azores generally averages between $600 and $800 this gets you there Non-Stop for 40% Less with No Surfboard Fees

It's getting harder and harder to find Airlines that are OK with bringing a travel bag and a few sticks along for the ride. Azores Airlines just happens to be one of the more lenient (which makes sense given the consistency of their surf).

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Just to clarify why jumping on No Board Fee deals is critical: From Delta ($150 PER BOARD) to United ($150 per bag) board fees can easily add another $300 to your flight price. If you assume that's the case, this deal saves you more like 55% off your total flight expenses.

You do need to make a reservation by phone to bring your boards, but that's a lot better than the $300-$450 alternative.


The WSL doesn't hold a contest here for nothing. Being open to pretty much the whole north atlantic has some serious benefits. Particularly since these trips match up well with Hurricane season.

Any storm that happens to take an arcing path out away from the East Coast is likely to send swell to the Azores before it burns out. That's great news for anyone who has a few days off in the bank and wants to make moves next months.

Free Flights / Trips

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Book Your Flight

Pro/Am Supporters (from $6/mo) get cheaper flights and more dates / availability (not to mention a head start!) but here are a few options available for those of you still not in on that:

  • Sep 11 - Sep 19 | 8 Day Azores Surf Trip

  • Sep 13 - Sep 19 | 6 Day Azores Surf Trip

  • Sep 25 - Oct 10 | 10 Day Azores Surf Trip
  • As I was fishing this write up the price jumped to $443 which doesn't sound like a big deal, but generally price jumps mean there is demand. Book this one quick if you are interested.