Anyone sitting on a full service flight to the Bavarian Alps for ski purposes this winter would be ill advised to hold out for a deal cheaper than this.

Boston / New England to Munich generally runs in the $700 region. These trips save you 40 to 50% off the average and gets you there on Iceland Air.

One of the huge advantages here is that IcelandAir also offers stop-overs in Reykjavik for an addition $20 when you book through their site. That makes for a pretty insane combo deal, to see (and hopefully ride) two amazing locations.

Have I mentioned that you can Heli ski in Iceland?

Ski + Snowboard

While Switzerland has been on the cheaper side this summer, Austria and Germany have both been insanely expensive. If you have been trying to get in your yearly dose of the alps on a budget, now is the time.

Ski / Surf / Snow Industry

On a Surf / Skate / Snow industry note, there are a fair amount of options if you are trying to get in to Munich for ISPO this year. Here's a couple of options incase you want to visit your Shop's favorite brands in Europe as opposed to at SurfExpo (Orlando):

  • $395 5 Day Trip (BOS to MUC) Jan 27 - Feb 1 for ISPO Munich Trade Show

  • $395 8 Day Trip (BOS to MUC) Jan 24 - Feb 1 for ISPO Munich Trade Show

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    Book Your Flight

    Here are some flight options for those of you who are NOT yet Supporters and did not already receive them straight to your email / phone:

  • $396 (BOS to MUC) | 10 Day Ski + Snowboard Trip Jan 11 - Jan 21

  • $396 (BOS to MUC) | 5 Day Ski + Snowboard Trip Jan 27 - Feb 1

  • $396 (BOS to MUC) | 8 Day Ski + Snowboard Trip Feb 24 - Mar 4
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