Sure it's not on a luxury airline, and yes it does land as the big southern hemisphere winter swells are trailing off, but seriously. Bali for under $400 round trip? This is a no-brainer.

Los Angeles to Bali generally runs in the $750 Range. This saves you almost exactly 50% with a single stop.

This one is tricky because the surfboard bag fees can get intense on China Eastern. That being said $377 RT has got me thinking of buying something when I get there, and selling it when I leave.

On that note, I stumbled on the following Facebook group created for just that purpose: No clue how reliable it is, but it seems like it is well used and well liked. Decent boards look like $200ish.

Even if you have to flip the thing for half of that on the way out, my guess is the overall flight price may be enough motivation to give it a shot.


I think the stoke in the opening shot of this one says it all as far as motivation.

Had to go desert thrice, I need more backside barrels in my life. Here's how the locals do it:

On an unexpected note, this kid is worth a look. Unknown to me until today but I feel like that may not be the case for too much longer.

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    As you can see, for those of you who want to go high class, Cathay Pacific is also in the 650s (probably as a result of the discount pressure). That might be worth considering too, as it is a great price for a 5 star airline (although the board fees are only marginally better).