First great price to get to Whistler this year. If you are already on top of your Epic Pass (you should be!) now is your chance to make that thing pay for itself.

NY/NJ to Vancouver generally runs at least $500, this saves you 45% off the normal price for the flight.

One short stop over in Chicago (O'Hare) and then on to the North West. It has been a solid 4 months since Vancouver flights were this cheap and you save some serious drive time (2.5 hours faster) vs. flying into Seattle and heading across the border from the south.

You can also jump a shuttle for $30-$50 if you don't feel like doing the rental car thing.

Ski + Snowboard

Most of the cheapest trips / flights go down early season before Christmas.

As far as early season snow? Here's the last 5 years of snowfall by month.

Basically what it comes down to is that you are taking a little bit of a risk in November (given the lack of base to build on) but December is a reasonable bet, and at this price definitely worth jumping on IMO.

November has also been insane in some years past. 2009-2010 for instance saw 560 cm (220 inches) of snow in November ALONE.

January is in the $320-$360 range for those interested in a more guaranteed base, at a more expensive price.

Free Trips

Per usual Free Supporters (that's you if you haven't subscribed yet) are getting a few dates to dive on between now and when you actually DO subscribe.

Becoming an Email Supporter is free, or you could help support HBWT by jumping up to Pro/Am (from $6/mo) and get all the dates and a 2 hour early access head start on the deals.

*Free Dates

  • Nov 21 - Nov 28 | 7 Day Vancouver Ski + Snowboard Trip

  • Nov 28 - Dec 5 | 8 Day Vancouver Ski + Snowboard Trip

  • Dec 6 - Dec 13 | 7 Day Vancouver Ski + Snowboard Trip