Vegas for less than half the normal price? Bring a field for less than you would normally pay for yourself and go play in the Desert for a few days.

NY/NJ to Las Vegas generally runs $350+, this deal has One Stop and saves you ~70% on that price.

I wrote up another Vegas deal at $230 just a few weeks back. This one Smashes that deal, and adds some Ski options, to the Skate, since most of the Trips go down during January / February.

Sure there are plenty of other things besides board sports to mess around with, but the thing is, Vegas has some of the most fun parks and ditches I have ever had the pleasure of riding.

Stack the option to get on snow for a day or two and you have more than enough to make that initial $110 bet pay off bigger than my slots ever have.


Parks. Parks. Parks. And a few ditches too.

Downhill / Longboard Skate

While you might have to make a little drive to get to the fun stuff, it should be noted that Mt. Charleston (11,916 ft and the eighth highest peak in Nevada) is just a little more than 40 minutes away.

In other words, to get people (skiers or otherwise) from the base of the valley floor to a mountain damn near 12000ft, you are going to end up paving some serious downhill runway, just perfect to fly down for those so inclined.

Ski + Snowboard

Sure it's not Colorado, but you DO have access to some on snow riding if that's on your list when you land in the Desert. The afore mentioned Mt. Charleston (which is responsible for some of those paved roads in the Downhill section) is a relatively short drive from downtown.

Alternately you can make the drive up to Brian Head Ski Resort, located 3 hours north of Las Vegas, over the Utah border.

Free Trips

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  • Jan 13 - Jan 17 | 4 Day Skate + Ski + Snowboard Trip

  • Jan 30 - Feb 2 | 4 Day Skate + Ski + Snowboard Trip

  • Jan 30 - Feb 3 | 5 Day Skate + Ski + Snowboard Trip
  • The above are on American which is fine, but charges for bags. If you are bringing a bunch of bags or boards you may very well be better off going with United or one of the other options that's just slightly more expensive.

    Pro/Am Supporters you have those options listed already.