It is a rare thing to see flights to either of these destinations dip below $1000, let alone to be able to snag a flight to both for 20% less than either would normally cost you alone.

Flights to both Australia and Fiji from L.A would normally run AT LEAST $1800+. This saves you 65% off that price.

You can even use part of those savings to cover the $150 extra for your board bag. The Fiji airlines bag fees are pretty convoluted and MUST be booked at the airport. Give them a call to make sure your board bag size clears: Fiji Airlines (800) 227-4446

You should only get charged on the way to Fiji but again, it's sort of luck of the draw.

The Aussie - Fiji legs are on Quantas (for the best dates) and those are what separate this deal from some others you may have seen out there (from a surfers perspective) since Boards fly free on Quantas as a part of your luggage allotment... pack LIGHT!

If that doesn't sound good, try one of these....

Surf - Fiji

First stop (for me) is Fiji.

Here's a look at Sebastian Zeitz, how he sees his heats, and some of the waves he caught this year while surfing the Outerknown Fiji Pro (rad vid by the guys at STAB).

Really the only bummer of this whole deal is that for whatever reason the structure of the flights does not allow for anymore than 5 days in Fiji, with the bulk of the trip in Sydney.

Could be worse.
A lot worse.

Surf - Sydney

The dates I have picked out are in the fall our time, spring Sydney time. Water is starting to warm up and crowds are a little bit lower (relatively). Since the water is almost ALWAYS warmer than 65 degrees, it's really not an issue, but bring your 3/2 or spring suit.

There are also a few trips for the Sydney Fall (March / April) which has the advantage of more consistency owing to the first early winter low-pressure swells, with a few cyclones thrown in (you Pro/Am Supporters have those already).

Here's another one from Dee Why to show you a little of what September / October / November have to offer.

Free Trips

If you haven't subscribed as an Email Supporter yet, now is the time. It is free, and you will get notified anytime a new deal drops in your home town. Getting on it fast is key to getting the best price.

Here's a few flights if you want to book and haven't subscribed yet yet:

  • Sep 19 - Oct 4 | 16 Day Fiji + Australia Surf Trip

  • Nov 3 - Nov 22 | 19 Day Fiji + Australia Surf Trip
  • If you are really serious about it, Pro/Ams get a two hours head start, not to mention exclusive low availability Deals that never go public. For instance, Pro's also have THIS deal with some flights in the $800ish Region.

    It's also cheaper in the Sydney winter if you want to rough the temperatures a little.

    As a note for those who want to dig up their own deals, the trick to getting this for the lowest price is keeping your time in Fiji low, and time in Sydney high. Personally I will pay the extra ~$50 and get a full week in Fiji. Mess with the dates, Pro/Ams you have the full assortment already.