Flights to the Alps for this coming winter season had to start happening sooner or later. I just didn't expect to kick it off with the best price to Switzerland I have seen for quite a while.

NY/NJ to Switzerland at the height of ski season usually runs at least $700 Round Trip. This saves you 70% and is easily the best ski deal in the last 6 months.

These are going to go insanely fast. You need to book RIGHT NOW... which is why you should be a Pro/Am subscriber. Those guys have been on this for 2 hours now.

Being from NY/NJ myself, it's always good to see some more deals flowing our way, here are some of my favorites from days past...

Ski + Snowboard

For those who CAN travel light and book fast, you will be rewarded.

Personally my reward would be Engelberg and I will be getting there by Train to avoid the rental car fiasco.

While the $263 Flights are super early season in December (sketchy as far as snowpack / base is concerned) There are some later season trips that align well with the seasonal forecast for another ~$30 or so. If last year is any indicator things don't really get rolling until January and personally I would target Feb or even March.

Free Trips

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7/19 @ 6:40PM Eastern: OK guys we are getting a ton of traction on this one so I am updating you free guys... just this once to add a second date even though the price on this isnt as good ($344 RT) it is still killer.

If you book direct at you can sometimes add a stop over in Reykjavik, do it on the way back and have a good soak in the bath house prior to coming home.

  • (DEAD: Was $263) Dec 9 - Dec 14 | 5 Day Switzerland Ski + Snowboard Trip

  • (New: Was $263) Dec 2 - Dec 7 | 5 Day Switzerland Ski + Snowboard Trip

  • (New: Was $263) Dec 6 - Dec 14 | 8 Day Switzerland Ski + Snowboard Trip
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    The funny part about this is that you can see the $474 Flight that I was chasing down when I found these. You never know when you are going to get lucky.

    For some added perspective here are the numbers for the yearly flight averages for December NY->Zurich. $1166 for a one stop and that's on the cheapo airlines that charge crazy for bags (of which Iceland Air is not one). If you use THAT as your base price this deal saves you 78% or exactly $902.