Sure you can make the drive to Mammoth in 5 hours (less if your enthusiastic about it) but for an extra $99, why not ski / ride someplace new, or revisit an old favorite? This deal gets you to Seattle just cheap enough to add a rental car and strike out for Whistler (alternately Mt. Baker) for the week, or even just a weekend.

L.A. to Seattle can easily run $200, this gets you there non-stop on American for 50% less.

American isn't my favorite Ski Airline, but for under (just) a $100 it's pretty hard to beat. If it was me I would stuff my carry on with gear and check only by board bag to avoid another bag fee ($25). Who cares which Airline it is if you score a little of this on your trip:

The best part about these trips is that the cheap flights basically run all winter long. Meaning there is no excuse, even if you need to restock on the vacation days that you wisely spent on one of the following...

Ski + Snowboard

It's pretty hard to go wrong landing in Seattle in January or February and heading for the hills. Whether you go for Mt. Baker (a hop skip and a jump) or opt to make the ~4 hour drive to Whistler the odds are near 100% that you are going to enjoy yourself once you get there.

The Pacific north west got slammed early and often this past season. While that doesn't mean anything for this year, it is at least worth considering that this was opening day up on Baker (on it's way to 866 inches for the year):

For those who weren't aware, Mt. Baker also holds the world record for Snowiest winter ever measured anywhere in the world (for the 1998-1999 season) at 1122 inches (95 feet) of snow.

Who knows, this could be the year to top that.

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