Seems like American Airline finally decided to compete with Frontier etc out of Philly when heading to Colorado. Obviously we are not even in August, but snagging a cheap trip or two now is for sure the best way to make sure your Winter 2018 gets off to the start we all deserve.

Philly to Denver with anyone other than Frontier almost always runs $250-$300 Non-Stop. This flight saves you at least 40% and gets you out there on American.

While American Airlines DOES charge for bags, they DO NOT charge anything extra for Ski gear (which they generously define as a set of skis, a set of poles and a boot-bag), meaning this is generally a much better deal than the same flight on Frontier or Spirit.

Some other deals incase this one doesn't end up working out.

Ski + Snowboard

Obviously there is no possibility of matching storm projections to these cheap trips, but that doesn't mean we aren't on the lookout for last minute, Skunk-Proof deals that line up with the next dump all winter long.

Even if you don't end up scoring the deep stuff odds are nearly 100% you will have at least one or two nice days to rip the groomers and just cruise (in a way that the east coast hills sometimes lack).

Sign me up for some of that... Or some of this...

The other downside of booking early is you have to take my word for it that the lodging and lift tickets ARENT on sale fully yet, but WILL BE between now and January or February (take your pick). Sunlight Mountain IS offering 45% off your first 3 days which is not too shabby if you are doing a trip on the shorter side.

I expected Keystone and the rest to add their cheap inventory between now and October much of it at similar discounts.

Free Support Trips

This one has a ton of availability and therefore we have some extra trip options for you guys who haven't subscribed as Email Supporters (Free for Life) yet.

Some solid Free Supporter dates in Jan + Feb:

  • Jan 16 - Jan 24 | 8 Day Colorado Ski + Snowboard Trip from Philly

  • Jan 20 - Jan 24 | 4 Day Colorado Ski + Snowboard Trip from Philly

  • Jan 30 - Feb 6 | 8 Day Colorado Ski + Snowboard Trip from Philly

  • Feb 28 - Mar 7 | 8 Day Colorado Ski + Snowboard Trip from Philly
  • Pro/Am supporters have already had early access to this deal for 2 hours when it goes live here.

    As an aside it's also always key to remember Pro/Am paid Supporters DO get exclusive deals you won't find public on the site. Maximize your chances of scoring and help us build something special for riders at the same time.

    Baggage Notes

    For most of us (no frequent flier status etc) bags are going to cost ~$25 each so if you can get away with a carry on backpack and your skis / board you are going to be solidly under $200 on this one. To make it less confusing book through American's website so you can buy your bags ahead of time when you buy your ticket.

    Bags Fly Free If...

    The baggage policy itself is a little bit convoluted, but obviously if you have an American affiliated credit card (or frequent flier status) there is a solid chance your bags are free. As a note that DOES include the Alaska Airlines MVP program which is awesome on it's own (lots of good prices on coast to coast travel).

    For the full run down see this page (worth a glance):
    American Airlines Baggage Policy tons more stuff worth a lot more than a glance once you get there.