Direct flights rarely go on sale to Vegas, when they do it's good to jump on them (for skate purposes or otherwise). You can rarely go wrong starting out with a little extra cash in your wallet heading out Vegas way, who knows, it might even mean you have A LOT more in your pocket when you head home.

NY/NJ to Vegas generally runs in the $350 to $400 range, this gets you there on United, Non-Stop for 40% less than you would pay for the average 1 Stop Flight.

That works. Sometimes you just gotta skate someplace new.

While the lack of cheap flights to Vegas is not so much due to the skate demand as it is to the other... attractions... you might find in the desert, Skating is absolutely one of my top 2 pursuits when I make my way out there.

If you aren't into Vegas maybe try these...


If that one doesn't make you want to jump a plane with a board, you can leave right now. Personally I think this one captures my Vegas skating experiences perfectly:

Here's another look at some of the street spots downtown:

From ditches to street to parks Vegas is a pretty complete skateboarding experience. With or without the nightlife.

Downhill / Longboard Skate

Yep. Kids ride down hills out here too.

Muir Skate stopped in for a few days a little ways back:

While you might have to make a little drive to get to the fun stuff, it should be noted that Mt. Charleston (11,916 ft and the eighth highest peak in Nevada) is just a little more than 40 minutes away.

In other words, to get people (skiers or otherwise) from the base of the valley floor to a mountain damn near 12000ft, you are going to end up paving some serious downhill runway, just perfect to fly down for those so inclined.

The best look at the roads that I found was a timelapse of a car driving up, not nearly as fun as a rider cruising down, but use your imagination.

There have got to be a ton of hidden gems in those therehills.

Free Supporter Flights

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For now Free Supporters (Ie. everyone who isn't signed up yet) can access these flights to get to Vegas and enjoy it the way only four wheels strapped a piece of wood can enable:

  • Sep 7 - Sep 11 | 4 Day Las Vegas Skate Trip from NY/NJ

  • Sep 22 - Sep 26 | 4 Day Las Vegas Skate Trip from NY/NJ

  • Oct 10 - Oct 16 | 6 Day Las Vegas Skate Trip from NY/NJ
  • Bonus vid because I need more Heiroglyphics in my life.