Air New Zealand hooking it up for a second day in a row. Yesterday was NZ for $569, today the Cook Islands, still No Surfboard fees, still non-stop. Still a freaking amazing deal.

L.A. to Rarotonga (Cook Islands) generally runs in the $1000 - $1200 region for non-stops, plus add board fees. This saves 60%+ and is a must go.

The other advantage with this deal vs the $569 Round-Trip Flight L.A. to Auckland, New Zealand Deal is that there are some flights in the near term, meaning you score the big south swells coming out of the Southern-Hemi winter. You also don't have to wait quite as long to explore this sort of view...


With the dead of Winter in the southern ocean fast approaching, our current south-pacific swell map looks pretty promising....

While odds are it will be different bomber winter storms projecting swell when you get there (the first flights take off a little more than a month from now) there is exactly zero chance there won't be swell of some sort headed your way.

When you are dealing with a nearly circular island, the waves wrap for days, there will be plenty of spots breaking on the smaller more playful side.

This vid seems to set the mood pretty well (seems like the local guys are doing something right over there):

Personally this is a tough one to say "No" to, hopefully you west coast guys will have an easier time jumping on it direct from LAX (versus organizing your own connection from the East).

Seems hard for it to not be worth it...

Free Supporter Trips

This one goes down in the immediate future, so if you don't have plans in August that would be my call (particularly if you are going for max size).

There is availability all the way through our northern hemisphere winter so if you for whatever reason can't make it in August / September, take a look around. Must book with Air New Zealand by July 13th so get on it:

  • Aug 19 - Sep 1 | 13 Day Cook Islands Surf Trip
  • Nice sunsets too.