Killer deals from killer airlines out of the L.A. region these last few days. This one gets you into the Swiss Alps during peak ski season for a fraction of what any normal person would normally pay.

L.A. to Basel, Switzerland generally runs $900+ and sometimes higher during the winter. This saves you about 50% with one single stop in London on British Airways.

From Basel you are a hop skip and a jump to central Switzerland. If it was me I would headed to Engelberg straight way.

B.A. is certainly not always known for hooking up cheap flights, particularly on their coveted long haul direct from L.A. to London Heathrow. As an added (somewhat ridiculous bonus) you will likely make the trip on the Airbus A380... which is a whole different beast.

As hard as it is for me to plan ahead for January, it should be that hard to not dive on this one. Heck this is cheaper than we normally see flights to premium Europe airports during Ski season from the East Coast.

Ski and Snowboard

Engelberg and therefore Basel has been on my list since I randomly knocked into this video on Facebook:

If that doesn't make you want to go to Europe and find some lesser known lines I don't think anything will.

One thing to note. BA is changing their fees around so depending on your status with the airline your skis may add $60 each way. It's worth calling to be sure (or even doubling up two pair in one bag).

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As always Pro/Am supporters already had first dibs on the availability. Pro/Ams also get exclusive deals when availability is low.

So What's left on this one?

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  • Jan 20 - Jan 29 | 9 Day Alps Ski + Snowboard Trip from L.A.
  • For those of you wondering, yes the above Free deals do show an airport change, and yes Pro/Am supporters DID get an option with a single stop both ways. Dig around, they exist.