Well you don't see this every day. I can't tell whether this is a screw up or just an insane deal that Air New Zealand decided to bless us with this morning. To further sweeten it Air New Zealand is by far the most surfer friendly airline on the planet (No Surfboard Fees!)

L.A. to New Zealand generally runs $900 with Board fees routinely pushing you to $1200 depending on season. This gets you there Non-Stop for at least 50% less, with ZERO Surfboard Fees.

The last time I found myself on Air New Zealand headed to Raglan I was able to enjoy the complementary wine and beer with a Canadian on his way to sail from New Zealand all the way around Australia and back.

While I didn't do anything quite that ambitious, after two weeks of 3-6ft (every day) I did get myself in over my head at the Indicator stacking 15ft+ and nearly connecting through to Whale Bay.


New Zealand is pretty much FULL of world class waves. Pick your flavor, pick your climate, pick your board and go. I think I surfed every single day while I was there, the down days were fun stuff like this:

The better days look a lot more like this:

Regardless, I can't recommend jumping on this one given that the flight down is Air New Zealand. By far the best long distance flight I have taken.

Downhill / Longboard Skateboard

The first thing I think about when I think NZ downhill is this Crunchie video of Troy Pemberton riding switch.

That said this section is remaining short to try to get this deal out there before it's gone.

Free Supporter Trips

Since this is seriously time sensitive you guys on the free list are only getting one set of dates to work off of. Pro's you have your head start, book this or be sorry.

$552 RT Flight Los Angeles to the Cook Islands: Surf Trip

Update: 7/12 @ 9:30 Eastern: NZ Deal looks to be dead BUT the above Cook Islands (Non-Stop, zero Surfboard Fees) popped up which has even better dates including some next month.

Alternately for those who ski, here's one to make up for New Zealand skunking out on us:

$464 RT L.A. to the Swiss Alps: Ski + Snowboard Trip

I going to leave the link to the old NZ deal incase anyone wants to keep an eye out (it may revive given that the above Cook Islands deal is available until tomorrow according to Air NZ).

  • Feb 20 - Mar 7 | 15 Day New Zealand Surf Trip
  • Get down there and have a drink to the Raglan sunset for me and everyone else who can't make it.