I'll admit this one has a few question marks attached to it. That said, the city of Fuzhou decided to build what has to be one of the more interesting skate spots I have seen... and today flights to said pathway came up CHEAP.

NY/NJ to China has been running in the $650 to $700 range, this gets you to Fuzhou with one stop on China Southern for ~40% off.

To highlight the city's mountain forests a pathway was built that winds at tree top level down from the top of the mountain. Pair that with all the normal pavement oriented benefits you get when mountains meet the ocean and I think there might be just enough allure to get on a plane and see whats up.

Downhill Skate

I wasn't able to figure out how steep the path way was, BUT the mountains look pretty legit so I am assuming even if the path is mellow (the above section looks to be), there is going to be something paved that's fast enough to keep interest.

Generally in my experience hills / mountains steep enough to warrant a gondola to the top are pretty promising (as far as the road back down is concerned).

If not Fuzhou IS on the ocean...


Being totally dependent on Typhoon swell has the distinct disadvantage of making Fuzhou 100% NOT worth the 24hour flight (from a surf perspective). If, however, you happen to be skating Fuzhou during Typhoon season (some availability during October) you might check the surf and find this:

In which case it would certainly be worth the paddle. In fact 2017 has already seen 3-4 Typhoon tracks that setup well for the Fuzhou area (although you could certainly find more surf oriented destinations if that was your objective).

If you DO end up going with a wave in mind and hope in your heart (and you plan to be in China for a while), Victor says you should absolutely pick up the Air Asia "Asean" pass for ~$160 which gives you one month of flights (though a major downside is you need to book them 2 weeks in advance).

Free Supporter Dates

Lots of availability toward the end of this year. The high side of Typhoon season is over by October and therefore less surf possibilities (which are remote anyway). On the bright side that means you probably won't have to seal with a typhoon making land fall, so there is that.

  • Oct 22 - Oct 31 | 9 Day Fuzhou China Skate + Surf Trip