Non-Stop to the biggest skate park in the U.S. for less that $150 is a deal any day of the week. Today's get's you to Houston (and the largest skate park in the U.S.), for the right price, riiight about the time the January chill sets in.

NY/NJ to Houston generally runs $220+ Round Trip with many options requiring a stop. This deal saves you 45% AND Non-Stop.

Assuming you are OK with flying United (and since they do allow you to carry your deck on) there is no reason not to break up your winter and enjoy some Texas transition.


Houston may not be perfect, but come January you are going to wish you booked a flight to a city that appreciates riders enough to build not just one, but multiple truly note-worthy parks to play in.

Here's the guys from the Majer crew messing around with one of them:

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Most of the availability on this one is in January / Feb. Here's a couple options to get you started in your search, or... subscribe and get them all.

  • Jan 17 - Jan 23 | 5 Day Houston Skate Trip

  • Feb 5 - Feb 10 | 5 Day Houston Skate Trip