Switzerland pricing has been ridiculous all the way back to the beginning of last ski season. Summer is historically the most expensive time of the year to get to Europe, Switzerland is on the high side of all Europe options.

NY/NJ to Switzerland has been in the 550s. This saves you ~40% and includes a free bag.

If you ride four wheels downhill it's pretty hard to say no, particularly given that a lot of these flight options are for dates that go down before class starts in the fall.

Downhill Skateboard

I think this raw from Zak Maytum years back just about says it all.

In case you aren't sold yet, this one is 27 minutes of swiss footage that should do the trick. Given that it's also sitting at 27k views, odds are good you haven't seen it (and should).

Example Trips

The cheapest flights include a near-full-day layover in DC. NOT ideal. Personally I would dive on the non-stop from Newark for an extra $20.

Sample Dates:

  • ($348) Aug 20 - Aug 30: 10 Day Skate Trip to Switzerland