Very cheap flights into El Salvador for those brave enough to give it a go during peak south swell season this August.

NY/NJ to El Salvador is generally in the 600s, this gets you there on United for better than ~45% off before the end of the summer.

What's good enough for Chippa, is good enough for me.

Unlike a lot of the cheaper surf trip deals this time of year there is plenty of availability on this one in August. That works out perfect if you are game for the big southern hemi south swells streaming north.


Point Breaks that actually do hold those big south swells, along with relatively minor crowds (compared to other destinations,) are the pay off for traveling off the beaten path and during the rainy season.

Seems like a lot of fun to be had, just take a look at this Surfcam Re-wind:

Security is also an issue per this State Department warning though everyone I have known who made the trek has had a great time with no issues. It's still worth being a little more careful.

With that said, there are quite a few surf resorts if you want to go that direction.

Most of these trips have stops in Houston (which is right about the half way point). United has also raised their board fees this year so be advised.

I probably wouldn't even post this one if the board fees throughout the airline industry weren't so insane. United now sits at $150 per board bag each way. That sounds nuts until you consider Delta who charges $150 per board each way (which is way worse).

As a reference, the next best deal in the next three months is $630 with two stops. So this one is kind of like having the airline comp your board fees on the house.

If you are looking for a little excitement, Double Overhead in El Salvador this August should do the trick.

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