Looks like it's time for Alaska Air to hook us all up again. This sale runs later this year so if you hate planning this may be a good spot to stop, but some of these trip prices are solid for direct rates to the west coast.

NY/NJ to San Diego has been running in the $400s, this saves you at least 30% on your flight AND gets you there non-stop.

It should also be noted that Alaska's baggage and surfboard policies are much more reasonable than Delta ($150 Each Way, PER BOARD) or United ($150 Each Way, Per Bag). Comparatively Alaska is $75 per board bag (2 boards). Your first checked bag also flys free making this a MUCH better deal than the discount airlines like Frontier and Spirit.


The best dates I found were in the Late Fall / Early winter (Nov - Dec). If I have my pick I will see you guys out there in November; my favorite time of year to hit Southern California.

College Kids aren't off for winter break yet (sorry guys) and the water isn't cold at all by NJ standards. To add more incentive most of the Ski Areas haven't opened yet so it's not like you miss the snow AND you cut that bleak November / December weather off short in favor of less rubber and more consistent conditions.

All in all, a great time to get out of dodge and see the boys on the west coast.

For those of you who are shackled to the high school / college grind there are some solid dates in December, root around a little bit and you should uncover something interesting.

Downhill / Longboard Skateboard

San Diego is home to both Sector 9 and one my favorite shops, Muir Skate. As such this one seems appropriate to open the segment.

Heads up early on in October / November with the Santa Ana's at your back, it can get a LOT faster this time of year depending on the hill.

Another Muir vid you might have missed but should watch:

Temps are better than fine coming from the east coast and there is no reason not to jump on a plane to expand your four wheeled horizons.

Park / Street

Obviously more than enough to do in San Diego if you don't feel like the hills (or alternately if you do end up with a day of rain). I had a great time at Washington Street last time I was in, highly recommended.

Be respectful, the place has some serious history, one piece of which actually kicks back to Manasquan NJ (which happens to be where I grew up surfing as a grom). Worth a watch:

Example Trips

As mentioned most of the action goes down October to December. Here are a couple free-bee dates for those of you who aren't Supporters yet.

$286 - 8 Day San Diego Trip: Dec 5 - Dec 12

$293 - 5 Day San Diego Trip: Dec 6 - Dec 11

Get on it.