Cheapest I flights have seen to Seattle in my 1 year watching this stuff full time. Might be a good time to book ahead and save yourself a load of cash skiing Whistler or Mt. Baker.

New England to Seattle runs routinely in the $400s WITH stops. This deal gets you there Non-Stop both ways for nearly 50% off that price.

While I am always skeptical about deals for the coming ski season given that we are just barely into the Summer season on the East Coast, this one was too good to pass up.

Ski and Snowboard

As mentioned this is a PLAN AHEAD, like WAY ahead, deal and that is going to require some cash up front for pay off later.

I have personally had Mt. Baker on my list for a solid 5 years now so this is particularly tempting. Never mind the fact that Whistler is a hop skip and a jump further. Listed this deal in Insane International for that reason.

As far as baggage fees, this is a serious score on JetBlue. Checked bags are $25 and Ski / Snowboard gear gets you a Free Helmet / Boot Bag with no additional charge. Given that some carriers are now charging 50 ish per bag, flying on JetBlue adds to this deal.

As an aside they have wised up to packing everything in the boot bag, so make sure it's boots only if you want to bring your pair for free.

Example Trip

Most of this stuff is earlier season December and January so be aware that December can be dicey, I can remember one from not so far back that had practically no snow (as opposed to this year when it went crazy right off the bat).

$226 - 4 Day Seattle Ski Trip: Dec 9 - Dec 12

$226 - 7 Day Seattle Ski Trip: Dec 6 - Dec 13