Cheapest Non-Stop to Puerto Rico in the last Six Months and definitely worth adding to your Winter sessions list. While United's Board Bag fees are more than a little harsh, you can rent a performance deck from our friends at Surf Zone with the money you save.

NY/NJ to Puerto Rico has been running in the 350s to 400s. This deal saves you better than 50% off what we would expect to pay.

Best case scenario you have your ducks in a row and boards waiting for you in PR. If that isn't the case you can at least cut the board fees in half (and support the scene while you are at it) buying a board / bag once you get there.

Something like this from Zambrano...

... will run around $400 - $500.


Sure we are a long way from the desolate warm water desperation of January and February, but you can count on wanting to jump in the water with less than you 6/5/4 once those days roll around.

There is no substitute for Puerto Rico this winter.

Getting in early and booking a flight early (like today) opens up pretty much the whole winter as far as availability which is more than will be the case for future deals that may (or may not) pop up this fall.

If you have the cash in your pocket it's not worth waiting. This is the cheapest we are going to see it between now and winter 2018.

Plan a head and look forward to some serious surf this winter. I have not once been disappointed. While this one isn't necessarily seasonally accurate, it IS worth a watch:


For all the issues (and fees) I have ever had getting a surfboard on a plane, I have yet to once be hassled bringing a skate or downhill deck as a carry on.

Puerto Rico is as much a world class destination on four wheels as it is over four fins. If you surf there is no excuse not to bring a back up plan (regardless of how rare a winter flat spot may be).

Sample Dates

The availability on this one is wide open with most trips / flights falling between January and March. Right on time to match up with swell season... like this one:

$195 RT Flight - 14 Day trip: Jan 27th - Feb 7th