While not necessarily known for it's waves, Orlando plays host to Surf Expo and draws most of the major players in the Surf industry twice each year. While not open to the public we watch cheap fares to events industry wide for our Pro / Brand / Shop subscribers.

Philadelphia to Orlando generally runs $150 to $200, this flight saves you 50% off what we would expect to pay to get to Surf Expo.

The majority of the cheapest flights also get you there for Surf Expo's demo day which is a plus particularly for anyone who paddles.

Surf Expo also has some discounts available on lodging / hotels that you can find over here. Generally most of those are -10% to -20% off. There is also a shuttle from the airport although details have yet to be posted.


While you will be there for the heart of Hurricane Season your most consistent option is for sure the pool at Typhoon Lagoon.

Here's a shot of Jay Alders and I from more than a few years back (immediately followed by a few guys who make a little better use of the wave).

If there is one stop I would make as a buyer this year it would be at the Firewire booth to check out Rob Machado's new Go Fish. I demoed one yesterday (thanks to the guys at Faria's Surf and Sport in Ship Bottom), worth a try if you can get some time on the deck and this video is certainly worth a watch if you can't.

I watched that video two days ago and went out and found a board to try the next day. If you can get a hold of the Firewire account (and manage to get some Go Fish'es in) there is no way it doesn't work out for your shop.

Example Dates

There are a few different options as far as leaving / arriving. This seems to be the best one if you don't mind hanging out for a few days after. If you prefer American Airlines over Spirit that is also an option for another $20ish.

$100 RT Flight to Surf Expo: Sept 6th - Sept 13th