Cyclone Season on the Gold Coast anyone?

Doesn't get to much better, or much cheaper than these trips this Winter (our time) / Summer (Australia time). Unlike most flight deals we see come across the desk, this one is on Quantas (and therefore two boards fly free as part of baggage).

NY/NJ to Brisbane usually runs AT LEAST $1400 with most airlines adding at least $150 for Board Bags. This deal saves you better than 50% since Boards fly free.

To sweeten the pot even further you have a single stop in Los Angeles which makes the 21 hours of flying WAY more do-able. With Quantas taking BOTH legs of the trip, which is the critical piece that makes this deal exceptional from the surf perspective, you don't even pay board fees on the initial U.S. leg of your flight (which is generally standard).


In case you hadn't heard, there are waves in Australia... and more than a few of the best ones find themselves with-in easy striking distance of Brisbane.

Thats a plus and a minus since it also means that any world class wave breaking in the Gold Coast could easily be one of the most competitive lineups in the world.

Probably best to let some more video do the talking on this one.

Example Trips

Most deal dates fall between Feb and March. Like this one...

$843 - 14 Day Trip: Feb 15t - March 1st