Great price to Ireland this fall for those of you who haven't added it to your list yet.

NY/NJ to Ireland generally runs in the $500 range. This saves you 40% off and puts you on the ground right in the heart of fall swell season.

While American Airlines is absolutely NOT known for being Board-rider friendly (Surfboard bags = $150), they are fully brave (and white?) enough to love them some golfers (Golf bags fly for normal bag fee).

That won't help those of us hoping to get in on some of the warm-ish water and great Irish swell this fall, but it WILL help anyone with a skateboard who might be savy enough to disguise their downhill decks in a golf travel bag.

Downhill / Longboard

While Ireland doesn't have the alps, it does have plenty of rolling hills and a crew of locals who know how to use them (Dublin Longboard Crew)

American does allow you to check one skateboard (at the regular bag cost of $25ish) but if you are making the trip, I'd bring at least bring your street deck along as well (hence the need for the golf travel bag).

The weather is really unpredictable which means that the Irish crew are both resilient and good natured when it comes to pavement conditions. That same weather factor keeps the crowds down and the locals friendly (by all accounts). Say whats up and share a pint for me.


As mentioned AA is a little facist when it comes to surfboard fees ($150 each way, although you can pack up to 70 lbs inches of boards for that, @126 max inches). That pretty much crosses this off the list unless you have a larger travel bag and a buddy who wants to split the fees with you.

That said the quality surf available in Ireland the fall absolutely warrants consideration. Here's 14 year old Will Masterman to prove it.

Another great option is to support the Irish shop scene a bit and rent while you are there. For $150 each way you could practically buy a board and trade it back in when you leave.

September / October / November (which just so happens to be when these ultra cheap flights go down) are absolutely the most consistent months for best waves / warmest water (mid 50s to low 60s).

As mentioned previously the weather is un-predicatable, but you WILL have waves at some point. If you are lucky the wind direction may co-opperate with those waves will to get you a little bit of this stuff...

Example Dates

Most of the best flights are available September and October.

October 5th - October 15th

Thanks to Surf Around Ireland ( for the photos. Hope we can repay the favor and get you guys back here for some Hurricane surf on the east coast.