While low $300 fares from the East Coast to Banff have come and gone before they have NOT previously coincided with 40% off prime high season Lodging promotion which makes this trip too good to pass up.

Boston / New England to Banff, Canada generally runs $450 to $500 for Snow Season, this saves you 30% on the flight to go with 40% off lodging.

Last year set the bar high on low prices to / from Calgary and the East Coast, After a week off and with the 2016/2017 season fading fast into the rear view, I couldn't be happier to see that the airlines carry that pricing over into next season.

For those wondering, yes, this deal was $294 RT Non-Stop when I started writing it up. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Ski and Snowboard

The best part of this deal isn't even a great price on a Dead-Prime Snow Season Flight.

Ski the Big 3 (https://www.skibig3.com) takes those honors with their 40% off Lodging Discount which (importantly) applies to several of the best resorts / locations across Banff - Lake Loise - Sunshine while also coinciding with the afore mentioned flights / trips.

Stack an exchange rate that currently adds another 30%+ to your US Dollar on top of the above and you will be staying in your own Condo in Banff for right around the same price as a night near Killington.

Cheap Banff Lodging

Qualifying Dates on the Lodging discount promotion need to fall between 11/10/2017 and 05/22/2018 (which basically means all of next ski season).

To Get in on the lodging deal you need to book by August 31st but I would jump on it asap as the flight prices are likely to jump again (they were $294 Non-Stop when I started writing this up).

Sample Flight Dates: Feb 6th 2018 - Feb 13th 2018