Well. Can't say I have ever seen a flight to the Maldives below $700 let alone below $600 PLUS Free Board fees (Thanks fly out to Aeroflot / Emirates on that!)

NY/NJ to the Maldives generally runs $1000 to $1200 for a reasonable connection. This deal gets you 5 Star service on the way home AND Free Boards both ways. Unreal.

The Maldives haven't even been on my radar lately since the flights are so consistently Insane. This deal cuts your cost in half on the flights that might JUST be enough to let you crash on a freaking Yacht instead of the usual resorts etc.

Come to think of it, the deal COULD be too good. This MAY be a mistake fare. Book your flight ASAP (like in the next hour) and then hold off for a week on booking your lodging just incase the airlines cancel.


As far as Male / the Maldives go... this video seems to sum things up pretty well.

Particularly since you can score a week on one of those exact boats for just over $1285 (all meals etc included). You can snag that Boat Trip deal, thanks to the Perfect Wave Travel.

If you want to take your chances, book the flight and then enter THIS contest from SurfAtoll to potentially win a 10 day Boat Trip 100% free (other than your flight of course).

Regardless of where you stay when you get there, this flight is not going to get any cheaper (ever). My suggestion is to book in the next hour, wait it out to make sure it doesn't get cancelled and throw yourself a party next week when you are headed to the Maldives this fall with no board fees.

As an aside there is a stop in Moscow on the way there (no directs, no way) which MAY depending on your date require a visa. Be aware. Plan ahead.

You can also set it up to get a longer stop in Dubai if you want to explore a little bit on the way home.

Choice Sample Date:
Oct 17th - Oct 27th

UPDATE: Fri May 19th @ 2:22PM (GMT-5)

This one isn't quite dead but it's getting close. Lowest Price I could find as of 2:22PM Eastern was $647, that date was: 10-6 to 10-18 so if you are still going at that price try dates around there first.