Well, this is an all time low to Austria in the past year. If you have been waiting for rock bottom pricing to the Alps, I would dive on this. With a solid probability that Oil Prices will rise (OPEC dependent), these flights could be substantially more expensive by the time 2018 rolls around.

NY/NJ to Austria generally runs $650+ so these trips save you easily 50% off your average deal and get you there on British Airways with a Single Stop in London.

Austrian Airports offer some of the easier entry points for access, but are usually some of the more expensive places to fly into. Generally getting into the Alps inexpensively is going to land you in Milan, these trips give you the opportunity to access the opposing side of the Alps for a totally different look / experience.

Ski and Snowboard

If that Trail map doesn't get you excited on it's own maybe the fact that you can take a cheap shuttle from Salzburg direct to Flachau in right about an hour will do the trick.

Settling in for a cold beverage an hour after you pick up the rental car (or catch the shuttle) is NOT something you are probably going to pull off when you land in Milan etc. The view, and the runs, are just as amazing.

Thanks to Snow Space Flachau for the above photo. That corduroy has my name written all over it.

Most availability runs January to March, you can even drop your price as low as $372 RT (which is an all time low) if you take a half day, or full day, stop over in Helsinki Finland. I might actually take that one myself just to check out Finland (because why not?)

For all of you wondering whether if they just ride groomers in Austria... Uh... yeah, they build booters too.

Here's a couple choice Sample Dates, but there are plenty more if you snoop around a little bit:

  1. $388 Jan 12th - Jan 23rd (2018)
  2. $387 Jan 19th - Jan 26th (2018)