Even though there is still some snow on Tuckerman, it's never to early to start booking 2018 deals as they come up. This one gets you to Vancouver, non-stop, on Air Canada.

NY/NJ to Vancouver generally runs $450 to $500 during Ski Season. Booking early gets you a 30%+ discount off that price.

2016/2017 was a killer year with multiple dumps over 3ft for the mountains of British Columbia and it's not even over yet. With Blackcomb Mountain closing on May 22nd, there are actually a few of these fares that can get you there THIS year, rather than next year.

Ski and Snowboard

To get anyone who out there asleep at the wheel back on track, Air Canada has been generous enough to offer $315 Non-Stop fares to Vancouver from multiple NYC Airports. As mentioned there you can still get there for THIS season's closing date, but those tickets are generally +$50-$75 in the $360 range.

As far as dates that work for next Year, most availability falls between New Year's Day 2018 and March 31st. Here are some choice sample dates in the 7 to 9 day Trip range:

  1. January 9th - January 16th
  2. January 29th - February 5th
  3. February 7th - February 13th
  4. February 26th - March 5th

More dates are available if you snoop around with additional options from JFK or LGA for a few bucks more for those of you who prefer to stay on that side of the hudson.