Any country that goes through as much trouble to develop their official "Surf Travel" website as Ecuador deserves to at least be considered. At just over $300, there has never been a better time than now.

NY/NJ to Ecuador is routinely in the $500+ range, these trips get you there for at least 35% off.

Not to mention the fact that JetBlue is slightly less facist about their surfboard fees which they list at $50/board each way. No idea if they count them or not, but that's a lot better than Delta's $150/board each way (or United's $150 total each way).

Of course Ecuador isn't just about surf, so if you are going with no board, no problem.


As mentioned above, the airlines have been seriously harshing my buzz on the surf deal this year. No idea when everyone decided to go so agro with it but the word is out.

JetBlue is sort of passable for those of us who want to ride some of the best waves in the world on our own stick.

Mose of these flights get you there in September but there is some availability later in the year (just not as much). That said, you should have ample north swell headed your way from the hurricanes spinning up between Mexico and Hawaii.

Photos Curtsey of the Ecuador Ministry of Tourism (who by the way hooks it up).

Most dates have a single stop over in Ft. Lauderdale (which to me is right about right to snag lunch).

Seems like a fair amount of options in and around the Sample date: $333 RT Sept. 11th - Sept 17th