It may not be the cheapest flight to Europe we have seen but scoring a non-stop flight on Emirates is almost certainly one of the swankiest Euro snow deals in the last few months.

NY/NJ to Milan, Italy usually runs $800+ on Emirates and rarely goes on sale. This deal gets you there non-stop on the worlds #1 airline for less than the average flight with anyone else.

The best way to score cheap ski trips is always to dive on them when the getting is good. The getting doesn't get much better than non-stop on a 5 star airline for less than $500.

When you add Emirates and the Italian Alps to the 2018 equation, letting go of the 2017 season to look forward to next year doesn't seem quite so bad.

Ski and Snowboard

Milan isn't just for fashion. With over 100 ski resorts within 3 hours drive it actually turns out to be one of the more centrally located hubs for us east coasters looking to charge the serious steeps.

This deal lands you smack in the heart of snow season with availability between December and March. Personally I am looking at January and there-fore I am including that as our free date sample.

Sample date:
Jan 11th - Jan 18th 2018

The availability on the 450ish flights seems to be going fast, but lots more dates $490 to $500 if you want to be more picky.


For those of you don't care about that 5 Star life there are plenty of flights still left over from the TAP Portugal sale (or Royal Air Morocco) in that same date range a few of which come in at $390ish with a stop in Porto on the way / way back.

TAP Portugal sample date: Feb 25th - Mar 1st