Seems like our Spring 2017 Ski Deals are pretty close to done which basically means we have a month or so before 2018 Snow starts to slam the Surf deals. This is a great way to kick off.

Boston to the Azores runs easily $700 to $900 so this saves you almost 50% off what you can expect to pay, not to mention it's non-stop.

Every summer Super long period Southern Ocean swells headed north through the slot between South Africa and Antartica traveling almost 7000 miles through deep water to smash into the Azores.

At right about the same time the Atlantic Hurricane season gets cranking with Tropical Waves, Tropical Storms and Hurricanes adding consistent quality swell.


If you still aren't sold, here's last years Azores Airlines World Surf League Pro:

Consistent Surf, Non-Stop Flight, Amazing Scenery.

There is a lot of availability all summer long, that said I am posting an early season sample date (May 6th - May 12th) since I know a lot of us could use some warm water to kick spring off right.

You can hit the heart of Hurricane Season (September 9th to 18th) and even have a chance to see this years WSL Azores (although currently the contest is tentative / not confirmed)

Get on it.