Just when you thought you were done for the season JetBlue goes and restarts the airline fare war between NYNJ and Denver bringing United and others in at Season low prices.

Good deals NYNJ to Colorado has been running in the low 200s this year with averages in the 250s. These trips save a solid 50%.

With snow season done for most riders and demand dropping, the airlines are looking for bodies to fill seats before full on spring. If you have a few days, I suggest taking them up on their sub $120 offer and scoring some final turns for winter 2016/2017.

Ski and Snowboard

As mentioned in the last deal most of the Colorado resorts are closed by the end of April. Here's a big list of closing date projections for those of you who want to spend $20 to $50 more and go next week or the week after.

For those of you intent on getting the absolute cheapest flight your options are likely going to be Purgatory, Loveland or A-Basin.

While Purgatory (LONG 6 drive) and Loveland are probably going to be finishing their seasons while you are out there (many flights April 25th to May 5th-ish) you always have A-Basin (closing in June) to fall back to should those guys decide they are closing shop early.

As far as tickets are concerned, most resorts are going to have pretty heavily discounted options available since its the end of the year. A-Basin (coming in with a few at 35% off) appears to be the only one posting up to Liftopia:

On top of that you can also score 35% off lodging, check A-Basin's Lodging Deals page to book.

Loveland and Purgatory each have late season rates available on their sites for 20% off or so with all three resorts offering pretty killer lodging options on site for around 30% off.

UPDATE: RIP to the best dates / deals. Cheapest flights (119s) were dead by the time I finished the FB post. Sorry to those of you not on the Pro/Am texts list!

Working Example Date (at time of posting):
Apr 29th - May 5th
Apr 22nd - Apr 25th