Close out your 2017 North America Snow Season right, and help to close out Whistler while you are at it. While Alaska Airlines helped out big earlier in the year offering killer direct deals, United has matched (and in many cases Exceeded those prices).

$247 is one of the best prices we have seen all year on non-stop NYNJ to Seattle Flights and easily $150 less than the $400+ average.

While United is not the airline of choice if you surf (board fees will kill you) they (thankfully) still comp out Ski and Snowboard bags and will even stack a boot bag / board bag combo as a standard part of your luggage assuming the combined total is less than 50 lbs.

Ski and Snowboard

It is getting preeeeetty late in the year to be scoring in North America. Most of the time the cheapest flights will fall 1-2 months out which.. do the math... is on the far side of closing day for most mountains in the U.S. and Canada.

Luckily Blackcomb doesn't close until May 22nd this year which leaves you a solid couple of weeks of well priced fares to fly into Seattle and take what is absolutely one of the most beautiful drives in the world up to Whistler (regardless of which direction you drive up from).

If you don't mind paying an extra $50 spot or so you can get there in April (before the 22nd) to hit Mt. Baker which as of last week-ish had the most snow out of any North American resort including 122 inches in a single 8 day period a couple of weeks back in March.

Photo by Kevin T. McHugh - Tess Golling looking for the Snorkel

For reference, this was Mt. Baker opening day this year...

It has been that kind of year in the Pacific North West. Might be time to place your bets and make sure you get in on at least some of the action.

Sample Date:
April 29th - May 9th (10 Day Trip)