Usually a flight under $700 is note worthy, this is almost certainly a mistake fair given that it is less than half my last Philippines deal write-up AND on top-rated Japan Airlines.

NYNJ RT to the Philippines generally runs $1200+ with "Killer Deal" fares being in the $500 to $600 region. This is half of that, book it and cross your fingers.

When booking deals that are too good to be true, occasionally they are... and the airline will Cancel. I actually think we might all get away with this one, but it's always good to wait a week or two before booking your lodging / stay just to make sure.


The Philippines has been on my list for a long time and the site of Victor's favorite beach ever: "El Nido". Here's a shot from his last adventure:

That being said there are plenty of ride able waves to go along with those gorgeous beaches. You've probably heard of Cloud 9...

As for locals? They shred.

The only bummer here is that Japan Airlines Surfboard Fee is $150 each way. Personally I think I would just book the $350ish fare and buy a board when I got there. If you like the deck after a week or two pay the $150 to bring it back, if not, re-sell it or give it to a Grom.

Longboard Skateboard

Had to go with a Dandoy video here just because the guy has been shredding hard for a long time now.

Japan Airlines allows one Skateboard as part of your normal Baggage Allowance (2) but I am not sure I would push it with a full quiver. My guess is the old 5 skates in a golf-bag trick would get through but you never know...

Availability is totally scattered on this one so I just pulled the earliest dates arbitrarily, mainly since I am seriously amped to find the deal. At less than $400, this one is a no brainer.

Example Dates: 5/3 to 5/16