Hot on the heels of the cheapest NY/NJ to Colorado flight of the season here comes the cheapest Non-Stop to Tahoe we have seen this winter. Granted it is now spring, but even still $238 is worthy into Reno.

NY/NJ to Reno / Lake Tahoe usually runs at least $300 with the average in the $400s. Previous best of the winter was $258. This saves you 40 to 50% off your average flight, and this one is Non-Stop.

If your mind has wandered off to spring time pasture, Focus Up. The above photo is recent.

The time is now to add Tahoe to your 2017 checkmarks or hit it up for round two if you were on your game earlier this year.

Ski and Snowboard

The April weather could not be more gorgeous and even though most resorts are going to be closed come the end of April, Mt. Rose will be open. Which makes sense when you consider they have had 700 inches of Snow this year and just stacked another 3-4 inches last night.

Not to mention the fact that you can get there in under a half hour once you land in Reno. Between that and the non-stop flight this has got to be one of the easier trips to get into (and out of) in the last month.

Mt. Rose has their tickets Discounted by 25% through mid-April and I expect that discount to be expanded into the end of April to cover this deal shortly (already have a call in to see if we can get those officially listed / available on the Mt. Rose site).

Depending on your stay, you may also be able to get in on Mt Rose's Two-Fer Tuesdays. Those bringing a buddy can look forward to at least one day (Tuesday) of 50% off lift tickets on top of the above.

As far as lodging goes, Mt. Rose is close enough to Reno to snag a spot there. Alternately Incline Village is 10 minutes or so away and offers larger discounts (relative to normal ski season) since a larger percentage of their bookings are Ski related.

Note: Some flights are available out of EWR or LGA for slightly more. So if you are on the Jersey side like I am and would rather kick in an extra $20 to NOT drive to JFK, be sure to search there (or sign up for Pro!) to get in on it.

Sample date:

$238 RT Non-Stop: Monday April 24th through Friday, April 28th.