With so many airlines getting seriously restrictive with their surfboard policies (looking at you Delta: $150 PER BOARD each way) it's been getting harder to get ANYWHERE and Surf on your own board. This one gets you to Aguadilla and back for just over 200 and will get your stick there with you for a $50 spot each way.

NY/NJ to Puerto Rico generally runs in the 350s but the average to get to PR with Board is at least $500. This fare saves you 40%.

While I hate that $50 each way to bring a board is a good deal, that's pretty much where we are at at this point. On the other hand, Puerto Rico has some nice decks being churned out by multiple talented Shapers.

Above by Zambrano.

A custom board will run you ~450-500 depending on if you want art. Take the $50 you would spend to get your board down there and call it a 10-15% discount. Alternately (like a lot of hot spots) you can find left over pro boards that were sold before heading back home to mainland.


Our strong off shores are still sending pretty consistent swell down Puerto Rico's way this time of year. Some trip availability (for a few bucks more) through April with the average swell size falling off (along with the ticket prices) into May.

Should still be plenty enough to stretch your arms out a little (for those of you who took the winter off) and certainly a luxury to be able to do that bareback if you can make a trip happen.

If you are in need of a push out the door, I highly suggest making yourself one of the 4500ish views on this one:

Note: If you have access to a Surfboard, or plan on buying one, down there you can open some additional availability out of EWR on United who is matching this JetBlue price (but will hit you for $150 each way for your stick).

Example date in April EWR->BQN on United: 4/18 to 4/28 = $238


For every problem I have ever had getting a surfboard on a plane, I have yet to once be hassled bringing a skate or downhill deck as a carry on.

Puerto Rico will always hold a special spot in my heart as far as skateboarding and exploring the island has always turned up hidden gems. Whether that means Full pipes, huge ditches or empty hills.

The goods are down there, and you never know what you will stumble onto.