IcelandAir is offering a flash sale until March 30th with Direct Flights (play with the dates) to Norway with the option to add a few days stay in Iceland on the way there, the way back or both.

NY/NJ to Norway usually runs in the $550s to 600s during the winter with a stop in London. This flight is Non-Stop and offers the option to stop in Iceland for a few days if you like.

Normally to stop in Iceland you would have to buy three one ways for one side of your journey which breaks a lot of airlines Round Trip mechanics meaning it generally costs more. IcelandAir lets you do that, but doesn't charge for it.

Who doesn't need a soak in the hot springs after a week of skiing in Norway?

Ski and Snowboard

These trips leaves early enough in April to get you to a lot of the closer resorts before they close limiting your driving potential some what. Of course it's Norway, so you can pretty much Ski a glacier regardless of season... but that's for a different post.


Oslo is in southern Norway so count on renting a car and cruising north (or alternately catching the train / bus). For those who don't feel like driving and want to do more of Oslo and less mountains, Oslo Winter Park is a great option (open until April 17th) about 30 minutes drive from the city.

Think heavy on the park features, light on the vertical.

If that isn't your style your options are a little further out, but way more serious as far as the hill goes.

If I was going I would be heading to...


They don't call it the Scandinavian Alps for nothing. Even though they have plenty of backcountry options, Hemsedal does not mess around with their parks and has had some of the all time classic video parts filmed on their features.


Kvitfjell is a little over 3 hours drive from Oslo, north of Lillehammer, and more low key.


Hard to believe Iceland is a freebee in this one but there are some serious riding options there too.

As a reminder if you want to orchestrate a stop-over in iceland (or a direct flight) the best way to do that is to book using the below dates through below is for those who don't want to the Iceland stay and want to avoid the hassle with IcelandAir's site.