We will be lucky to get a couple more weeks out of most resorts on the east coast, but head out to the Canadian Rockies and you can find snow into May. This trip gets you there just before Lake Louise closes, Non-Stop on Air Canada.

NY/NJ to Banf / Calgary usually runs in the $450s to 500s so this saves you 25 to 40% off the average flight price. In addition you get in on the currently insane USD->CAD exchange rate helping out on lodging.

With the 16/17 Ski Season coming to an end we are seeing the deals are seriously starting to dry up. While getting to Calgary was cheap early on this year, the prices jumped back up of late before Air Canada (and a few others) added availability to a few dates in early / mid April.

Ski and Snowboard

While Sunshine Village stays open much later than the other resorts (mid / end of May), the bonus on this one is that you get there in time to experience some of the other options (like Lake Louise)... not that you need any other options.

Here's a docu focusing on Sunshine for those who haven't heard the good word:

Since it's on my life list to be riding when I am 88 here's another one worth a watch if you have a few more minutes (part of the same "Sculpted in Time" docu series by Ski Banff National Park):

I have had Banff at the top of my to-dos, right up next to Jackson Hole, since my Dad got me a subscription to Couloir in high school. The problem is it's usually seriously expensive to get there, made worse through the 2000s by the climbing value of the Canadian dollar.

The lifts even stay open longer since it's light later. God knows we don't get that sort of treatment back East.

Thankfully Banff (unlike Jackson) currently benefits from one of the best US -> Canadian exchange rates we have seen in the last 10 years reducing the overall cost of the stay / lift tickets by over 30% (on top of the killer late season ski + stay package deals you can get).

30% stacking exchange discount means you can, and should, stay someplace with a pool / hot tub for the price of the travel-lodge around home. Keep in mind these prices are CAD:

Just don't forget your Powder Skis / Board. Just because it's April doesn't mean it won't dump. It can and often does.

I think personally the exchange rate bonus might be enough to push me over the edge. The days are getting longer and that means plenty of time after the lifts close (even with extended operating hours) to enjoy a drink with the mountains and their sunset.

If you can get the time off, I highly recommend diving on this, who knows how long the exchange will hold out. Probably longer than the snow but I wouldn't be surprised if this is the cheapest combination of flight, lodging and exchange between now and April 2018 (next season).