Sure it only breaks good a handful of times every year, but you gotta be in it to win it. When else are you going to have the opportunity to cut winter short and surf someplace warm, for under $100?

Philadelphia to Miami has been running in the $200 R/T region all year. These flights in the $80s are Non-Stop and get you there for better than 50% off.


Most of what we see in these Miami shots comes to use from January, February and March. There are still some late March, last minute, flights right around $100, and it looks like there may be some swell in the water.

Late this week / next week might get in around the corner so even though the winds don't seem to want to co-operate, there should be a little short period bump around to play with.

Odds are that it won't look like too much like the shot above, but it's always fun to dream. The guys at Island Water Sports Miami are calling in Head High in North Palm Beach, so that's something already.

You will almost always find yourself driving north to for more size, but there are certainly plenty of reasons beyond the waves to not work too hard at leaving once you get there.


The best vaccine against a flat spell comes with four wheels and is generally accepted as a carry on.

Warm weather, good scene and more than enough solid park options to get Spring 2017 started right. Miami, like a lot of warmer weather cities, has a TON of street features to play with. Here's Transworld Skate playing with a few of them: