After debating whether or not to post a $450 Alaska deal out of NY/NJ for the last week, the Guys at United solved my dilemma. Getting to Alaska for under $400 is just NOT usually possible... AT ALL.

Boston to AK usually runs AT LEAST $650. This saves very nearly 50% off of what I would expect to pay, and get's you there on a major carrier with some dates Non-Stop.

There are two reasons AK flights never go on sale.

  1. It's a long way from the East Coast to the far FAR North West. Lots of fuel = lots of cost.
  2. It's a pretty specific location with not a huge amount of flex visitors. Airlines love to hammer the prices for spots like this (reference: JAC / Jackson Hole, Wyoming)

Those are the same two reasons you need to jump on this flight to GUARANTEE the 2018 Ski / Snowboard Season will be something you won't soon forget.

Ski + Snowboard

If you have a few minutes to kill in the pursuit of Alaskan stoke (20 mins run time), this one is absolutely worth a watch:

For those anywhere in the Boston vicinity who (like me) have AK on their lift list, now is the time. I have not once seen it this cheap in the past and I do not expect it to be this cheap again in the foreseeable future.

Don't Think.
Buy the Flight, and throw some Gasoline on on the fire to get your 2018 season started right.