Welp. Not too often you can get to a heli ski location for under $300. That alone makes this one worth while, not to mention the fact that late March early April has got to be one of the more beautiful times to ride the Northern Rockies.

NY/NJ to Idaho routinely runs 400 to $450 so this flight deal saves you 40% or more, this one is on American Airlines.

Only downside to this one is that some dates have a longer lay over in Dallas. That said Delta and United both fly the route with short stops in Denver or Chicago for $20 or $30 more. Worth in IMO but each to her own.

Ski and Snowboard

If Heli has been on your mind this year, but you haven't quite manage to take the leap, now's the time. Plus it's usually so hard to get into Boise inexpensively that in general Idaho doesn't have nearly the hype it deserves.

With plenty of accessible stuff from the mountain, you may be tempted to NOT take the heli. That would be a mistake.

The guys at Sun Valley Heli will find you some of the best terrain anywhere. Plus you can make good use of some of the cash you saved flying out there to get a few runs of solitude in.

Being off the beaten flight path can work seriously to your advantage.

Heli or No, Idaho is somewhere new to ride for most of us. With spring in the air, it is absolutely time to take advantage of the airlines dropping their winter rates.