You guys in Philly are straight killing it today. First $100 to Colorado and now $200 to L.A. If you live in Philly, Ride, and are not on one of these deals you are a stronger man (or woman) than I.

Flights from Philadelphia to Los Angeles usually run at LEAST $300 and most times more like $400. Either way you are looking at a 40% to 50% discount off your usual cost to get to the West Coast.

There are way too many reasons to get to L.A. to list but the fact that we are in the Midst of one of the best Snow years in the last 5 makes this all the more tempting.

Ski and Snowboard

I flew out to L.A. at the beginning of last season and stepped off the plane with a guy who was headed to Mammoth from Philly. Unfortunately for him last year was NOT the same as this year.

Mammoth has been HAMMERED this year (522' inches thus far AT THE BASE LODGE) and I have been getting seriously sick of the dump-photo-texts that seem to be arriving on a weekly basis.

Seems like it's time to make the most of an Epic year that both cleared up a huge part of the CA drought AND dumped more snow in the Sierra than any winter in recent history.

Downhill / Longboard

If you haven't seen what goes on in the hills around Malibu, you need to check it out. Here's Jimmy Riha having fun.

For those that have, but still haven't tried it themselves, you need to pad up and get on it, at least once. That said, understand how to (at the very least) use slide gloves before you hit the canyons and you will have a much happier flight home.

Some of the dates have longer layovers in Denver so swap dates around to find a layover schedule / price that works for you when you do your search.