The love is flowing Philly's way on this one. As much as I hate posting two Colorado deals in a row, this is a MUST book if you are in the Philly region.

Philadelphia to Denver usually runs $250 to $300 so this Trip is 60% off your average Flight price AND this is not on Spirit Airlines.

Availability is a little limited and the dates are at the END of April, so keep in mind that you may want to bring a downhill deck / longboard (or street skate for that matter) to limit the risk factor if your favorite mountain ends up closing a little early.

Lucky for everyone it looks like this week should be banger on the east coast with the projections for Hunter / Southern Vermont looking a little like this...

That being said, you can't have too much of a good thing.

For those of you I miss at Hunter Tuesday - Thursday, here's hoping you get out to Colorado on one of these ridiculous deals that keep dropping for NY/NJ/Philly.

Ski and Snowboard

Arapahoe Basin will be open. After that probably your next best bets will be Winter Park and Breck. Here's a Long List of 2016 Ski Area Closing Dates from last year (which will obviously be different from this year based on weather etc).

As mentioned before, bring a skate and enjoy the warm weather. Denver will be gorgeous even if the mountains are still occasionally getting snow.

Downhill / Longboard

Even if you get skunked on the snow, the roads are always going to be paved. By May a lot of them are going to have had a street sweeper run over them once or twice, to limit the gravel factor.

Stay in the lower elevations and you should be all good with the weather. Bring sun screen, a helmet and maybe even leathers if you are going to get into some of Colorado's more serious stuff (god knows there is plenty of that).