Welp, Non-Stop NY/NJ to Colorado flights are back in the Ultra Cheap realm, although availability has not slid to Mid April (truly end of the season for many CO resorts).

NY/NJ to Colorado usually runs $250 to $300 so these fares save you ~50% off the normal cost of a trip.

With so much availability Mid-April to May this deal truly qualifies to close out 2017 for most of us. Being able to bid adue to North American Winter 2017 in the Colorado sunshine doesn't sound altogether bad to me (particularly for less than $200 RT Non-Stop).

Ski and Snowboard

There are a few dates that will get you there before Copper and most of the other mountains close (April 19th-ish for Copper I believe) but it's always nice to have Arapahoe Basin to fall back on, those guys closed June 10th for the 2016 season so you should be good to go assuming you don't mind Skiing / Riding in a T-shirt.

A-Basin is knocking of 20% on Lift Tickets via Liftopia for the week of April 19th which is pretty solid, particularly since you KNOW they will be open.

I am always doing lot's of park stuff during the spring. That said there are just as many perfect groomer runs as ideal quarter pipes.

If you are trying to do it more budget friendly I would take a look at some of the smaller mountains (though personally it seems a little late in the year to bet on someplace I haven't done any spring riding).

Sunlight Mountain has nearly 40% off their tickets if you want to go that route:

As always, the best way to ensure a Zero skunk percentage is to ALSO bring your choice of four wheeled board.

Downhill Skate / Longboard

Even though it's early for the high passes, spring time is freaking beautiful in and around Boulder / the Front Range. Everything is getting warm and the scene should be seriously fun to be a part of. Here's a shot of Zak Maytum in the fall in somewhat similarly beautiful weather:

Most of my exploration has taken place above the snow line but my suggestion for the days you aren't actually ON snow would be to explore the roads not quite so far up the hill.

For fun here's a throwback:

Plenty of good stuff and I would expect to spend more time in a T-shirt and sunglasses than anything else.

Regardless of what you plan on riding when you get there, this is a deal you should have a hard time passing up. I am struggling on this one myself.

If you don't mind pushing your trip back further into April, you can play with the dates to find something non-stop both ways out of NY/NJ, or alternately snag Similar Trips out of Philadelphia.

Get on it.