The late season deals keep coming. This one gets you from NY/NJ to Seattle just in time to cruise up to Whistler for some fantastic spring conditions.

NY/NJ to Seattle usually runs in the 400s but flights to the Pacific Northwest have been expensive, this saves you at least 40% off the usual price.

Lots of dates and LOTS of non-stops which is very much out of the ordinary. No doubt the price is still Linked to / Inspired by the recent Virgin / Alaska Airlines sale. You never see prices like this on legit full service airline brands (ie. non-discount carriers aka Spirit etc).

This beats the previous best price of the year by $10, it's like the first Starbucks is on the house when you land.

Ski and Snowboard

Personally if I am headed out west I am going to head to either Mt. Baker or Whistler. I don't get there as often as I like and god damnit sometimes you gotta treat your self.

That being the case, the lift tickets can kill you (although they are somewhat cheaper if you pick one of the dates in April). If you are doing this one on a budget there is some great matching availability coming in from Liftopia for Mission Ridge and White Pass.

Either way you go you are getting at least 2000 vertical feet, and right about a 40% discount on the regular lift ticket price:

Not a ton of Availability on the discounted passes so if you are going, book your flight AND buy your tickets ASAP.

As far as Weather / Snow this time of year? I feel like this quote says it all (keep in mind that Whistler is open until May at least):

I am not going to be out there, but you should be. Cheapest flights of the year combined with cheapest time of the year = best deal I've posted this week (and up there for the past month).

Get on it.